I am an educational therapist and nurse with over thirty years of teaching experience.  After sixteen years of homeschooling my three children (K-12), I made a career shift from the medical field to the educational field.  In 2010, I founded a home-based tutoring service for children in grades K-12.   It quickly grew to include children and adults with special needs.  Disconcerted by the number of children with multiple dysfunctions, I went searching for solutions.  I wanted to know how to awaken the brain so that effective learning and processing could be the norm for every student.  I discovered the pillars of my practice:  Brain Integration Therapy, The Listening Program/inTime by Advanced Brain Technologies, Natural Vision Improvement, The Movement Program, neuro-academics, nutritional supplements, mindfulness practices, and therapeutic grade essential oils.  Most importantly, I learned to rely on my God-given intuition and powers of observation to create tailor-made educational programs for my students.  In short, I unlock a child’s heart through laughter, praise, and wonderment, then we get down to the joy of learning regardless of the special need.

I believe . . .

Time and patience are the greatest gifts a teacher can give. Praise unlocks the heart of a student. Simplicity achieves greater gains than well-intentioned complex methods. Order and purpose feed the brain. Involvement and commitment instill hope in a child's heart. Curiosity, excitement, and joy are inherent gifts of learning. Every child can become his personal best - in the process of time - under the wise, observant, gentle hand of a teacher who remembers what it was like to be a student.