"Move to Improve Your Reading and Academic Skills!"

Pat Mattas, Affiliate Provider of The Movement Program

You’ve probably heard the sayings:  The greatest gift is a passion for reading.   The world belongs to those who read.  And.  Today a reader, tomorrow a leader.  

Indeed, these are true statements, full of hope and promise for the child who can read.   But, what about the child who struggles year-after-year to learn to read.   The child who cries because he feels so different from his reading peers.  And, what about the parents whose hearts grieve for their struggling child.   Is there hope?  Yes, the answer is The Movement Program (TMP).


What is The Movement Program?

The Movement Program (TMP) engages students in a research based 12-week movement program which improves reading, academic performance, balance, coordination, behavior, sensory processing, and visual processing - the basics for learning and life.


Understand the movement program




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·        15 – 20 minutes per day

·        5 days per week

·        For your 8 – 13 year old children

·        The Movement Program’s enjoyable, video-based activities are done online on any Internet connected device, iOS or Android mobile phone, tablet, PC, or Mac.

·        This unique program requires no materials and can be completed anywhere in the home with an Internet connection.

·        TMP is simple to use with all the exercises shown on screen.

·        With a wide variety of fun movement activities each day, TMP becomes progressively more challenging through the weeks developing strong visual, auditory, rhythm, and motor skills.


                                  GET STARTED WITH THE MOVEMENT PROGRAM, TODAY

                                 GET STARTED WITH THE MOVEMENT PROGRAM, TODAY

10% off retail subscription


Your Cost $224.95


what are the experts saying?

Research conducted in several of the leading schools in the United Kingdom for over a decade shows the positive impact TMP can have on reading and concentration.  Research has shown that reading improvements are double that of regular classroom instruction alone.  In addition, the results are lasting.  Children who completed the 12-week program gained significantly improved exam results five years later.




The Leigh Academies Trust has spent many years researching the effect of coordinated movement programmes that we know make a very significant improvement in reading and also the ability to concentrate. As CEO, I helped to drive the programme and was convinced of its efficacy for all children, especially those aged between 8 and 13. I am delighted to offer my support in bringing this to a wider audience.

Frank Green CBE
Chief Executive Officer
Leigh Academies Trust, Dartford
National Schools Commissioner (2014-2016)

Results have been very positive showing improvements, particularly in literacy skills, auditory and visual processing, concentration and memory, and also having long-term effects on examination success…

Anne Davis
Longfield Academy, Kent

We’ve now been delivering The Movement Program for four years, and feel very committed to it. It is very exciting to see students’ focus, and witness the impressive progress that students of all abilities make in their reading ages. Along with other reading initiatives in school, it is probably the biggest marker of students’ future success.

Clare Bradford
Henbury School, Bristol

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