My daughter Meghan was homeschooled from the beginning.  When she was in the end of seventh grade, Meghan decided she wanted to try high school.   Meghan is my third child and very bright.  She is also, as it turns out, severely dyslexic and dysgraphic; she has dyscalculia too.  Her older two siblings came out of the womb basically reading at a college level and our home has more books than can possibly fit so Meghan grew up surrounded by books.  We began to realize she processed differently and honored it as her path.  When she announced she wanted to go to a private high school, we knew Meghan had to take standardized entrance tests.  My biggest concern was that Meghan never question for a second how special she is; I was worried that she would compare her results on the test to her siblings’ and feel less competent. I got on CTHomeschoolInclusive and searched for a tutor.  Pat’s email was the top of the result list.  When I talked to her, I knew we had found a gem.  Meghan worked with Pat for a year and a half.  Pat is truly a gifted teacher.   I will always be grateful for the love and care she gave my child.  If Meghan was struggling with a concept, at our next visit, Pat would have prepared for her a multi-page handout for her binder to help her with it.   Pat was able to break complicated things down into smaller parts.  She was with Meghan every step of the way as Meghan studied and prepared.  Meghan ended up doing amazingly well on her standardized tests.  But the even greater gift she received from working with Pat is the confidence she got that she can do anything she sets her mind to.  Meghan adores Pat and still says she is her favorite teacher.  Pat brings such care and love and thought to her work with these children.  In my opinion, this isn’t a job for Pat, it is a calling – and one for which she is amazingly gifted. 

-Ann Walsh Henderson


About one year ago, my eleven year old son, Lukas, began working with Pat.  At that time, reading and comprehension were a stressful and tearful daily occurrence in our home.   I tried so many different resources to help Lukas to read - nothing worked.  We would end up fighting and/or crying, and this was only fifteen minutes, daily.  Once Lukas began working with Pat, he started to feel an inner confidence and began to take ownership of his reading.  We follow her directions and do the required work, and the change in one year has been incredible - he reads and actually has started to enjoy it.  Lukas is dyslexic and dysgraphic and has difficulty with attention and focus - however Pat has shown us that this can be overcome.   Working with her has made such a change.  The other wonderful feature is that we can tutor with Pat from our home via Skype.                                                                      

– Susan Bijleveld


Pat is an amazing and unique teacher.  Not only does she have a lot of knowledge, resources, and experience, but she also has great patience and adaptability. What really made Pat stand out to me was her devotion to her job and students.  She put a lot of time and effort into teaching me and working with me on projects in a flexible and optimized way.   I am very grateful to her, and highlyrecommend her to people of all skill levels.  

– Jia Lin Koh


When I first came to see Pat, my daughter Emily was entering third grade.  At that time, Emily was reading at a kindergarten level.  The public school had refused to evaluate her for special education services; instead, they offered an intervention which consisted of forty-five minutes per week of reading assistance.  After speaking with her teacher, we found that Emily lacked an understanding of vowel sounds.  I enlisted Pat’s help.  Pat set the foundation with intensive vowel instruction.   This gave Emily the confidence she was lacking.   Each week Emily couldn't wait to go to Pat’s home because she learned and did so much more than just work on reading.  Pat captured her attention.  Emily eventually got special education services through the public school.  She is now in 8th grade and flourishing.   She is slightly below reading grade level.  I am so proud of the hard work she does never giving up.  It's amazing for me to look back and remember when Emily had so much frustration, not wanting to read, and unable to understand words.   Now, it just simply amazes me... and it started with Pat.  Pat came into our lives at a time when, honestly, I did not know how I was going help Emily.  Thank you, Pat.     

  - Sally Goulet                                                                                                                                                                                                                         

Pat was very patient with my son and was able to get him back on track when he would start to play or want to talk about things other than his reading.  She really does care about the kids she is helping.  I would definitely recommend her to anyone looking for a tutor for a special needs child.

  - Virdie Lindsay


Pat worked with my son to improve his reading.   She had a wealth of information to share with me when looking at my child's developmental needs.  I was grateful for her knowledge and insights.  Her nature is extremely supportive and patient.    

– Shelly Castiola


I am a homeschooler who has children that have a range of learning difficulties.  I reached out to Pat for help with my teenage son who struggled with reading comprehension and auditory processing disorder.   I was amazed by her organization and her abundant fountain of knowledge.   Pat is now working with my daughters on math.  I, personally, learn something new from her every time I listen to her instructing my daughters.  My daughters were struggling with learning their multiplication facts, and with Pat's amazing work, they have nearly mastered their facts in less than two months.   Thank you, Pat!   You are truly amazing at what you do!     

 - Hana S.


I was so pleased with the consulting services provided to our family by Miss Pat.  My daughter and I felt extremely comfortable in her presence.  Miss Pat’s professional expertise shines through.  We will work with Miss Pat as our home school journey continues - hopefully many years.  Miss Pat helped me to be confident in our decision to home school and provided the knowledge to assist us through any roadblocks we may encounter.   

- Jaime Josefiak


A few years ago, I hired Pat to tutor my son with high school math.  He was so at peace working with Pat because she showed utmost respect and gave her total focus to him during their time together.  Prior to coming to Pat, my son was with another tutor who made him feel incompetent.  Pat never did.   She encouraged him to great success.  Pat spends much time outside the actual tutoring time preparing, planning, and tailoring a "plan of success" for each of her students.  No two students are alike and her course of action shows it.  I highly recommend Pat's work. 

– Regina Sanchez


Pat worked with my son all of last year. He is dyslexic and dysgraphic, so Pat did Brain Integration Therapy with him and helped him with his handwriting. She was kind, patient, thorough, and so encouraging.   My son loved coming every week and made huge progress.  I would highly recommend Pat if your child needs help in any area of learning. 

- Lisa Clark


Pat has a gift for helping students to realize their full potential!  Whether it is math, earth science, writing, or any other subject - Pat gives 100% to each student.  She carefully determines the student’s learning style and works to motivate them in a non-threatening way.  My daughter enjoyed working with Pat and would also highly recommend her to anyone!  Pat worked with her for approximately two years, and we are very appreciative for her help and encouragement!  She is a blessing to all who work with her! 

- Sharon Gilson


Pat has brought tremendous curriculum ideas - that work - for our focus-challenged 11 year-old son.  Also, Pat’s offering of a Skype classroom actually exercises my son’s auditory processing system.  Skype allows us to conveniently continue with our home school day after Skype classroom with Pat is done.  She has continually worked to adjust the curriculum to my son’s needs, always directing him forward. 

- Jo-Ann                                                                                                                                                                                                            

Pat started working with my son early this year. She is very kind, patient, and reassuring.  I am very happy with Pat’s teaching methods. She really listens to my concerns and those of my son and takes that into consideration when teaching.   I have already seen an improvement in my son’s handwriting.  He is also showing more confidence in school with his writing assignments.   Pat is a wonderful teacher.   Thank you for helping my son. 

- Donna Brugnetti


Pat works with the child in mind, not the parent. She took the time to determine my child's goals and tailored her instruction around those goals. Pat spoke directly to my child, listened intently, then discussed options with my child until a mutual agreement was reached. She is very creative and has many resources from which to draw.   Most importantly, my child looks forward to her lesson with Pat each week.           

 – Karen Koh


As clients of The Listening Program (TLP), I have seen tremendous improvements in both of my sons since they started using it. Mason, age 12, is less oppositional and much more relaxed.  Tucker, age 10, is calmer and able to focus better.  As a parent seeking a reading specialist for Tucker, I found that Pat helped us to understand that he has dyslexia and auditory processing dysfunction.  Pat gave us the much needed guidance to help Tucker overcome his learning difficulties.   Tucker has made a marked improvement with Pat’s assistance. 

- Tracy DeBruyn


During the one year usage of The Listening Program (TLP), our 11 year-old son is better grounded and focused for his academic studies, having ADHD.  As an adult listener of TLP, I find it calms and focuses me from stress for the entire day, and my husband has better concentration from his Lyme disease.  We will continue using TLP for the great benefits and beautiful music it brings us.

- Jo-Ann


I've only listened to the introductory session of The Listening Program (TLP), but I can say it was fascinating.   In addition, I can say that, from my acquaintance with Pat, I find her to be one of the most sincere and compassionate individuals I've met.  She is passionate about TLP and will find a way to make it work for anyone who enrolls.

- Ginny Hofrichter, LMT, Windsor, CT