Can We Overcome the Busyness of Life?

About two years ago, I declared war on "busyness."  Prior to my declaration, I was not aware that busyness had already begun creeping into my own life; however, I was painfully aware that I was surrounded by people who never seemed to stop!  How did I know...all I had to do was ask the simple question, "How are you?" Invariably, I would be told, "Really busy!"  And then, the list of activities would unfold.

Then one day, a friend asked me "How are you, Pat?"... and the ugly words jumped out of my mouth - "Really busy!"  Busyness had come to roost in my own backyard.  Long before I spoke those words, I had begun noticing how my life had changed in the past two years.  I worked from sun up to sun down - six days a week.  On Sunday, I went grocery shopping, washed clothes, mowed the lawn, caught up on paperwork, and squeezed in a visit to my dear mom.  Before I knew it, Sunday - my only day of rest - was over, and I began preparing for Monday.   If this was life, then why was I dreading it.  

It was no accident that I happened upon an article which talked about the essentials of a balanced life.   It went like this - Everyday make sure you



learn something knew

I practice this creed, and I can tell you it works!  I even added a few Pat insights -

spend a part of each day in the great outdoors

spend a part of each day communing with God

The battle for peace in the midst of life's craziness goes on each day, but I have learned to overcome the busyness of life by leading a balanced life.

FYI: Below is a picture of me in the second grade before I was aware of time and its demands.  I was sitting high on a grassy hill outside of my elementary school.  I was the first one back from lunch.  I used to walk home to have lunch with my mom.  On this beautiful spring day, perched contentedly on a hilltop, jump rope in hand, I gazed joyfully at the puffy white clouds in the azure sky.  That peaceful little girl is still in me....and she still finds her solace in looking up to heaven.