Dare To Lose Your Glasses!

Vision should come to the eye as effortlessly as scent to the nostrils, music to the ear, touch of velvet to the fingertips.      -    Margaret Corbett

I hated them . . .my 1960s, pink wing-tipped glasses!  At five years old, I guess I looked adorable in them, but I knew from the start that they were not for me.   I was diagnosed with an astigmatism when I was in kindergarten.  I didn't recognize that I was having trouble seeing, but the eye doctor determined that I must have been experiencing blurred vision, especially when doing close work.  The astigmatism, as he explained to my mother, was a defect in my eye or in the lens caused by a deviation from spherical curvature, which results in distorted images, as light rays are prevented from meeting at a common focus. 

I swore I'd never wear them....and I didn't ... for the most part.  Looking back, I think it was my intuition that was directing me to forsake the glasses.  Those little pink gems were never going to correct my astigmatism, but they would - in fact - continue to weaken my visual system. 

Fast forward to age twenty-one.  My second year in nursing school, I was given the wonderful news that my astigmatism was gone, cured, bye-bye!   No more wearing glasses!  Wait a minute - I hadn't been wearing them for sixteen years.  So, how did this cure happen? 

I remained "glasses-free" until I reached middle age.  You know - that time in life when one must inevitably succumb to reading glasses.  And succumb I did.  When I could no longer see clearly using CVS brand glasses, I dragged my heels all the way to the eye doctor.  He prescribed glasses with significantly high diopters.  When I put them on and looked out, I felt like I had just mainlined a Starbucks espresso!   "Don't worry," the doctor said, "Your brain just needs to get used to them."   And it was at that moment that I dared to lose my glasses in order to regain my eyesight.       

Natural Vision Therapy has revolutionized my thinking about the visual system.   By following the tenets of Natural Vision Therapy, I have been able to gradually lower the diopters on my (CVS brand) reading glasses to the lowest level that can be sold over-the-counter.  Next stop.......reading glasses in the garbage can!

Please read on as I share the Natural Vision Methods which I used and continue to use as my eyes/brain continue to heal.  My hope is that you, too, will find answers to your vision concerns using Natural Vision Therapy.


Natural Vision Therapy

Wake up your eyes and your mind.  Let go of trying to see,  release strained eye muscles, and reclaim your good vision.  Go much deeper than eye exercises and learn the relaxing subtleties of the Bates Method of Natural Vision Improvement. Greg Marsh's fun and encouraging presentation style will help you regain trust in your eyes' natural ability to see.

Palming Technique to Relax and Promote Healing of the Visual System

Essential Oil Lavender for the relaxation of facial muscles surrounding the eyes. Feel free to contact me with questions regarding the use of essential oils.  Unfortunately, in accordance with FDA regulations, I am not able to share my essential oil website.  Give me a call or use my contact page, and I will be happy to share the wonderful health benefits of "therapeutic grade - certified pure" essential oils.