The Intruder


Who is the intruder? The woman? The turtle? Neither? Both?


The answer: it depends upon how you see it – in other words – your perspective.

This 20th century bronze sculpture, The Intruder, by Bessie Potter Vonnoh, captured my attention while I was touring the summer estate of Edith Chase in Litchfield, CT. Honestly, I was fixated on The Intruder.

Why? Because it spoke to me about the importance of seeing things from multiple perspectives. In this case, WHO intruded upon Whom.

Perspective requires good physical eyesight. Yes. Both eyes need to work harmoniously to create binocular vision.

Interestingly, wearing glasses hampers the ability to understand life from various viewpoints. Glasses create stare, rigidity, and uncertainty.

As a Natural Vision teacher/coach, I have witnessed, both personally and professionally, the budding of awareness, insight, and perspective after relearning to use the eyes in a natural and relaxed manner. In short, shedding the restrictive glasses.

I’d be happy to chat with you about an all-natural way to expand your vision, improve your eyesight, and ditch the glasses (for children and adults).